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Hard Events Lead to Life Giving Words

After becoming a firefighter in 2015, Zach Williams, had multiple encounters with children that inspired him to start writing. After witnessing many difficult circumstances Zach found his hope being challenged. As he leaned into the Word of God he realized it only takes a little truth to make a big difference. This revelation led him to author and publish his first book, "Light the Night," a book that highlights the fear of darkness we often encounter. Over the years, Zach founded The Little Truth Company to help share little stories with children that speak big truth into their lives.

Help us share a Little Truth around the world.


Zach becomes an EMT and Fire Fighter to help others.


In 2015, Zach wrote his first book, "Light the Night." Inspired by a call as a firefighter where the power was out in the home and the kids where scared. It was written to speak truth to the fear of the dark.


After writing "Light the Night," Zach realized he enjoyed writing. Inspired by his kids learning to read and discovering his love for writing, the manuscript for "Words Alive" is created.


Another difficult call leads to Zach seeking therapy. During a session, his therapist suggests to "Write your thoughts." This ultimately becomes the manuscript for "The Great Unknown."


Inspired by a time of transition, Zach writes his 4th book, "Such a Time as This."


After seeing the impact these little stories could have on children, Zach starts the Little Truth Company to begin leveraging his gifts to share stories and ultimately the Gospel with children around the world.


Zach begins working with Clear Design & Doxology Creative to bring "The Great Unknown" from manuscript to print. Design, Layout and Illustrations are created.